How to Use Instagram Live with Your Social Marketing Strategy Success City Online Social Media Management Agency Henderson Nevada

Instagram Live launched this past November, and it could completely change the way brands interact with the Instagram platform as a whole. While many criticized the feature as a “me-too!” version of Snapchat videos, the unique aspects and the integration with the Instagram user community make it a solid prospect for social marketing strategy. Brands […]

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One of the most incredible aspects of social media is the capability to precisely measure your audience’s interactions. Brands that can harness this power can quickly and effectively access countless audience members, frequently with laser-precision targeting. Yet, while many organizations know the importance of measuring their social media performance and adjusting their tactics considering it, […]

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Earlier this month, Instagram launched their new feature: Instagram Stories. For those familiar with Snapchat and that app’s own “Stories” feature, Instagram Stories will feel almost identical. For those who have not yet dabbled into Snapchat, Instagram Stories provides a user-friendly introduction to the world of rapidly expiring media content. However, Instagram Stories is more […]