And The Award Goes To….

And the award for having excellent customer service goes to Success City Online. That was the announcement ringing out over a crowd of 450 attendees at the City of Henderson’s 16th Annual Economic Development & Small Business Awards. The event was held in the beautiful Grand Ballroom at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada.

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce highlighted members of the Chamber who made a difference in the small business community of Henderson. The award categories are as follows:

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It is OK to Be Rich Again. Thanks Dallas!

I hope. Not the “Hope” (hype) we were spoon fed daily back in 2008, but a real live, “clouds are starting to clear” kind of hope that every entrepreneur in America knows. My hopes are reignited by the great inspire-r we know and love …none else, but TV!
When “Dallas” began announcing their resurgence this spring, I felt the first little spark.
In the 80’s weekly Dallas episodes, set in a glamorous, bigger than life Texas mansion filled the imaginations of a generation of kids like me. We saw all that opulence and wanted something more for ourselves. Kids like me looked at their own surroundings and looked at the TV and thought, how do I do that:  That big house, that BIG job that title CEO?  Kids like me thought, WOW…maybe I can live like that!  And I think more than a few kids like me went out and made it happen.  Was it just a TV show that made this possible? No of course not, but it didn’t hurt to have a visual taste of what life could be and to feel it was OK to want to improve your circumstances.  Kids like me didn’t need to be told it was just a show with its good and its bad points. It was TV. It was fiction, it was fun to watch, it was fun to dream.

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