Social Media Marketing: Why Millennials Prefer Snapchat To Facebook Stories

Social Media Marketing: Why Millennials Prefer Snapchat To Facebook Stories

Facebook rolls out a new feature entrepreneurs can use in their social media marketing, and it’s called Facebook Stories. This feature can be accessed with a right swipe on the Facebook mobile app. It houses small photo and video collections that are generated by the user. Its focal point is located in the in-app camera that gives the videos or pictures fun filters and visual geolocation tags. It gives fun filters like Snapchat-like lenses too. It works when you can access the camera, create your content and share your story.

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How to Use Instagram Live with Your Social Marketing Strategy

How to Use Instagram Live with Your Social Marketing Strategy

Instagram Live launched this past November, and it could completely change the way brands interact with the Instagram platform as a whole. While many criticized the feature as a “me-too!” version of Snapchat videos, the unique aspects and the integration with the Instagram user community make it a solid prospect for social marketing strategy.

Brands that make proper use of Instagram Live’s strengths will be able to cultivate authentic-feeling relationships with their audience while generating an atmosphere of exclusivity and immediacy. Since all of these qualities are on the tip of modern audiences’ expectations, those who succeed with their Instagram Live strategy have a strong chance at fostering better brand associations while also better-leveraging their existing social capital.

If you want to get started on Instagram Live and cultivate some early best practices, read on for some instruction and advice.

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3 Important Social Media Metrics Every Business Should Track

One of the most incredible aspects of social media is the capability to precisely measure your audience’s interactions. Brands that can harness this power can quickly and effectively access countless audience members, frequently with laser-precision targeting.

Yet, while many organizations know the importance of measuring their social media performance and adjusting their tactics considering it, they may not know exactly what they should focus on in order to improve their success.

To achieve these goals, businesses should look to these three most critical and most important social media metrics:

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Top 7 Tips to Overcome Failure by Success City Online, Las Vegas website design and social media marketing

Top 7 Tips to Overcome Failure

Everyone remembers the smash-hit Pixar film Toy Story. You know, the story of a plucky tin soldier and his battles against a mean-spirited ventriloquist dummy? Oh, that isn’t the Toy Story you are familiar with? There is a good reason for that: Pixar scrapped their original idea midway through development.

In fact, all three Toy Story films would go through multiple failed iterations before finally making it to the silver screen. Each time, an unsuccessful idea was used as a launching platform for something with a stronger concept. Since the entire franchise has grossed over $1.9 billion worldwide, one could easily interpret the decision to admit defeat and start over as healthy and beneficial overall to the creation process.

Like Pixar, your organization will encounter some intense project failures. Some may feel brutal, having consumed large chunks of time and money with little to show for it. The fact is, many times these failures enable us to get a better perspective on later project goals. We may use bits and pieces of lessons learned to create something better down the road.

So, take failure as an occasional healthy part of the business process, and learn how to overcome it in the following seven ways:

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instagram stories vs snapchat, success city online, las vegas social media agency, social media marketing and management

Instagram Stories VS Snapchat

Earlier this month, Instagram launched their new feature: Instagram Stories. For those familiar with Snapchat and that app’s own “Stories” feature, Instagram Stories will feel almost identical. For those who have not yet dabbled into Snapchat, Instagram Stories provides a user-friendly introduction to the world of rapidly expiring media content.

However, Instagram Stories is more than just a clone of Snapchat’s Stories feature, even if it feels so at first glance. Learn the differences of each and what their advantages are by reading on.

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Why You Need to Use Instagram for Your Business

Having difficulty on social media marketing? Do you feel that it is not the right advertising avenue for you? Did you try using Instagram? Since you are here, the answer to that will be a probably no.

With a significant feat of gaining 300 million users within four years, Facebook needed five years to have that. Twitter needed nine years to achieve that. Google+ also needed four, but who goes there? Without a doubt, Instagram is a rising star worth exploiting.

But are those numbers enough? No. So, here are three reasons you should use Instagram right now for your business.

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The Power of #Hashtags

Do you ever wonder why people are including #hashtags on their social media postings? #this #that #companyname #instadaily #mom #RTW #etc. Well let us tell you why. The power of hashtag is real, and it has become one of the most powerful tools around for small and big business owners. It represents an important social…