Level 3: Video highlighting the restaurant expansion at Emerald Island Casino. Video included interviews and a cooking demonstration shot from multiple angles with numerous still photographs incorporated.

Level 3: Cooking demonstration of how to prepare barbequed artichokes. Demonstration shows both preparation and cooking. Video shot from multiple angles with numerous still photographs incorporated. A music track was added to the background.

Level 2: Video shot on location at Chimera Golf Club highlighting the food and beverage services. It includes interviews shot at different locations at the club with one camera angle. Numerous still photographs were incorporated.

Level 2: This video highlights the features on a Pedego Electric Bike. It was shot with one camera at one location. Close up photographs were incorporated to show the features. This video was produced as a sales tool for the bikes.

Level 2: This is a brief video using humor to show how important customer service is. It was filmed at the Success City Online studio in front of a green screen. It was filmed with one camera and included no still photographs.

Level 1: Video was shot on location at a local Expo with one camera. Accelerated motion was used in first half to illustrate the size of the Expo then focused with normal speed on the Pedego Electric Bike exhibit. Few still photographs were used.