Website Maintenance

We make sure your website is up 24/7 to grow your business and reach new customers online.

Your website is a big investment. Our commitment to properly maintained websites mean our customers can be confident that their website investment is working uninterrupted for them day and night. No website will sustain its value if it is built and then neglected.

Keeping your website working well 24/7

When your web site is well maintained customers can find what they need quickly. That means more business to you. Your links need to work. Images and photo galleries need to load quickly. Your contact forms and social media buttons need to work. Hackers are always on the prowl looking for weakness they can exploit. Obsolete software that hasn’t been updated is an exposed threat to your online investment. Also, old websites that do not have fresh content will lose their place in search results. Google gives higher rankings to web sites that are updated regularly.

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Maintenance includes:

  • Search engine optimization (on page SEO)
  • Fast hosting
  • Updating site software when new versions are released.
  • Posting new content, you provide, including SEO for new pages.
  • Posting and promoting your blogs
  • Posting and optimizing new images you provide.
  • Emergency repairs
  • Security checks
  • Protecting customer transactions by installing a SSL certificate
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Keeping current backups.
  • Redesign of the site, including changing any design elements.
  • Spam blocker
  • Lightning fast speed
  • Page removal with 301 redirects.
  • Domain registration/support as needed.
  • Adding purchased email accounts.
  • Creation of subdomains if needed
  • Installing any new, third-party extensions
  • Monitoring Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Advice and guidance via phone and email on any web related questions of issues
  • Coaching on blogging and social media as requested.

Get Your Website Managed by an Expert

Free yourself from the technical burden of managing your website and focus more on growing your business.
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